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Vestn Rentgenol Radiol

[Low-dose digital radiography in diagnosis of stomach and duodenal cancer and peptic ulcer]

Year 1998
Portnoi LM. Blinov NN. Kozlovskii EB.
Department of Radiation Diagnosis, M.F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute.
While analyzing data of 149 studies of the stomach and duodenum, covering patients with gastric cancer (n = 66), peptic ulcer (n = 41) versus 42 individuals without abnormalities by means of a STs3 digital device, the authors express their opinion on some aspects of the gastroenterological application of digital roentgenology. To evaluate the potentialities of recording all details, revealed changes on the standard writing paper by digital roentgenology is a main area of the study. For this, the data of the 149 studies were used to compare the informative value of the obtained image on the X-ray film and writing paper. In the author's opinion, digital roentgenology completely rules out the application of an X-ray film, by replacing it by standard writing paper.

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