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Semin Pediatr Surg

Laparoscopic surgery in girls and female adolescents.

Year 1998
Sanfilippo JS. Lobe TE.
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Louisville School of Medicine, KY, USA.
The realm of laparoscopic surgery has extended to include the neonate as well as the pediatric patient. The advent of new and smaller instrumentation has facilitated this goal. Previous procedures exclusively relegated to laparotomy can now be accomplished as outpatient procedures. Removal of the acute appendix, correction of torsion of an adnexa, as well as the appropriate diagnosis and initial treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease are now well established laparoscopic procedures. This article provides insight into the laparoscopic evaluation and management of a number of challenging clinical problems for the endoscopic surgeon, thus providing a minimally invasive approach for patients ranging from neonates to adults.

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