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Sangre (Barc)

Pure red cell aplasia due to persistent B19 parvovirus infection in patient infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1. Recovery with alpha-interferon therapy.

Year 1998
Martins A. Costa A. Oliveira MJ. Rodrigues M. Ribeiro AP. Silvestre F. Reis A.
Medicine (Medicina 1 and Haematology Services) Department, Hospital Geral de Santo Antonio, Porto, Portugal.
B19 parvovirus (PV) infection is ordinarily resolved with the production of specific antibodies that neutralize virus infectivity for erythroid host cells. Nevertheless persistent infection with B19 PV and pure red blood cell aplasia have been documented. A 27 year-old male. i.v. drug abuser, HIV+ and HCV was diagnosed of pure red cell aplasia. Six months later we had serologic evidence of persistent parvovirus infection. Interferon therapy, started for HCV infection, showed a marked improvement of anaemia and anti parvovirus IgM became negative. It is discussed the possible role of interferon therapy in persistent parvovirus infection.

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