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Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique

[Prevention of viral hepatitis in travelers and expatriots in a tropical and subtropical environment]

Year 1998
Larouze B. Bouchaud O. Dazza MC. Samb B.
IMEA/INSERM U13, hopital Bichat-Claude Bernard, Paris.
Hepatitis A and B are hyperendemic in tropical and, to a lesser extent, subtropical countries. This high level of endemicity is in sharp contrast with the low frequency of these infections in the industrialized world. As a consequence, the incidences of hepatitis A and B are high among travellers to or foreigners living in tropical or subtropical countries. Therefore, these subjects should be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B. Furthermore, the usual preventive measures should be maintained. Risk of infection with the hepatitis C and E virus are much lower. Given the increasing number of travellers to tropical and subtropical countries, imported hepatitis is a public health problem for industrialized countries. Preventive measures must, then, be reinforced.

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