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Acetogenins from seeds of Annona reticulata.

Year 1998
Chang FR. Chen JL. Chiu HF. Wu MJ. Wu YC.
Graduate Institute of Natural Products, Kaohsiung Medical College, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Chromatography of an ethyl acetate extract of seeds of Annona reticulata led to the isolation of a new cytotoxic gamma-lactone acetogenin, cis-/trans-isomurisolenin, along with six known cytotoxic acetogenins, annoreticuin, annoreticuin-9-one, bullatacin, squamocin, cis-/trans-bullatacinone and cis-/trans-murisolinone. Structures of these compounds were established by means of mass and related spectral experiments. Some of the compounds isolated, showed potent cytotoxicities against Hep. 2,2,15, Hep. G2, KB and CCM2, four cancer cell-lines.

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