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[Stereotactic conforming irradiation of choroid metastases]

Year 1998
Debus J. Fuss M. Engenhart-Cabillic R. Holz F. Pastyr O. Rhein B. Bortfeld T. Wannenmacher M.
Abteilung Strahlentherapie, Universitats-Strahlenklinik Heidelberg.
The aim of our study was to develop noninvasive stereotactic radiotherapy for patients with choroidal metastases. METHODS: The head of the patient was immobilized by an individual cast mask. The target volume and adjacent critical structures were three-dimensionally segmented based on ophthalmological findings and MRI. The beam angles were optimized by a beam's eye view technique with a micro-multileaf collimator. We use a linear accelerator with 6-MeV photons. A patient was treated in a phase I/II trial with a single dose of 22.5 Gy. RESULTS: The accuracy of stereotactic positioning of the eye was 0.8 mm. The dose gradients were 15% mm. It was possible to spare the lens and the lacrimal gland in all cases. The treatment with four to six fields took 35-50 min and was tolerated without acute complications. CONCLUSIONS: We introduce a new method to treat choroid metastases by stereotactic radiotherapy. This method allows to concentrate the dose to the target and to spare adjacent critical structures. One of the advantages of this noninvasive treatment is the short treatment time. The clinical role of this method has to be evaluated based on long-term results of tumor control and visual outcome in these patients.

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