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N Y State Dent J

Occupational diseases in dentistry. Introduction and epidemiology.

Year 1998
Gonzalez YM.
Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences, University at Buffalo, USA.
Health care workers are exposed to a wide range of physical, chemical, biological and psychological hazards. However, since blood and airborne pathogens represent a tangible risk, infectious diseases are of greater importance to health care workers.

Infectious diseases and the dental office.

Year 1998
Anders PL. Drinnan AJ. Thines TJ.
University of Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine, Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences, USA.
Dentists and other health care workers have long been concerned about a variety of infectious agents that may be transmitted within the dental setting. In recent years there has also been widespread concern among the general public. Many infectious diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis and syphilis, are important both because of their potential transmissibility and because the first manifestations of the disease may appear in the oral cavity. A knowledge of these diseases will allow the practitioner to recognize associated lesions and also to take appropriate steps to minimize the risk of transmission in the dental office.

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