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Mol Gen Mikrobiol Virusol

[Isolation and cloning of gene for hepatitis delta antigen. The use of recombinant antigen for serodiagnosis of delta infection]

Year 1998
Ryzhova EV. Ivaniushina VA. Grudinin MP. Ivanova OV. Vinogradova EN. Kiselev OI.
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Hepatitis delta virus antigen was isolated from a patient by reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction. Gel-purified cDNA was cloned in E. coli expression vectors. High expression of the recombinant HDAg in bacteria was observed. The minor and major forms of HDV antigens were simultaneously expressed in bacterial strains carrying SupE mutation. A laboratory method is developed for detecting anti-HD in patients' blood. It is based on the use of minor and major forms of recombinant HDV antigen immobilized on the same membrane filter. The method can be used for creating an original highly specific test system.

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