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Minerva Urol Nefrol

[Maintenance of the tunnel and skin exit site of peritoneal catheters. Current situation and orientation of the dialysis centers of the Piedmont and the Valle dAosta]

Year 1998
Bruno M. Malcangi U. Ciuffreda L. Ramello A.
UO Nefrologia e Dialisi, Ospedale E. Agnelli, Azienda USL 10 Pinerolo, Torino.
A questionnaire was sent to the 23 Dialysis Centers of the Piedmont and Aosta Valley Regions to probe present trend on the choice of peritoneal catheter, its setting, the tunnel conformation, the first use and its maintenance. The nephrologists attach great importance to a well fixed subcutaneous tract of the catheter: this goal is obtained with wide use of pre-molded catheters, often with long and curvilinear tunnel. Avoiding an early use of the catheter and the choice of small volumes in the first weeks will permit an efficient stability of the cuff and the reduction of the risk of leakage. The choice in maintenance and monitoring of the exit-site are various and it often has a protection covering; clinical controls are made on a monthly basis.

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