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Mil Med

Medical treatment and discharge planning for a patient with a borderline personality: a multidisciplinary challenge.

Year 1998
Harvey SC. Watters MR.
Neuropsychology Service, Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI 96859-5000, USA.
This case study discusses a patient with substantial medical problems whose hospital course was further complicated by her borderline personality disorder. Difficulties related to this patient's hospital course included noncompliant, manipulative, and self-injurious behaviors as well as obstacles encountered during discharge planning. Given the impact these maladaptive behaviors can have on the efficacy and cost of treatment, in addition to ward operations and staff morale, this case study highlights the importance of a timely recognition of dysfunctional personality traits. In addition, the establishment of a multidisciplinary treatment team that used a "whole person" approach was beneficial in overcoming many of the obstacles hindering her recovery and also proved useful in dealing with the managed health care system.

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