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[Use of polymerase chain reaction in clinical diagnostic laboratories in viral hepatitis B and C]

Year 1998
Skvortsov SV. Lytsar' BN. Samokhodskaia LM. Vasil'ev AP. Kvasovka VV. Shaikhaev GO.
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HBV and HCV markers were detected in the blood serum of patients with acute and chronic hepatitis B (HCV), chronic hepatis C (HCV), and acute nonA, non-B, non-C hepatitis by enzyme immunoassay and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in order to assess the clinical value of PCR for the diagnosis of HBV and HCV and monitor the antiviral roferon A therapy in patients with HCV. HBV DNA was detected by the PCR in 100% of acute HBV patients and in 65.7% of chronic HBV patients. In chronic HCV, the PCR detected HCV RNA in 71% of cases. After roferon A therapy, HCV RNA was no longer detected in 43.2% of PCR-positive patients. PCR is recommended for the diagnosis of acute and chronic HCV, selecting the patient groups, and assessing the efficacy of specific therapy.

[Activities of glutathione enzymes in liver biopsy specimens in chronic lesions of hepatocytes]

Year 1998
Matiushin BN. Loginov AS. Tkachev VD.
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The nonenzymatic conjugation of metabolites is decreased in chronic diseases of the liver, which is caused by decreased concentration of glutathione. The activities of glutathione enzymes are increased, this indicating the development of compensatory processes of mobilization of the second phase of detoxication, that is, increased conjugation under conditions of suppression of the cytochrome P-450 system. Measurement of liver glutathione transferase is a highly informative test for assessing the activity of the pathological process, particularly important in patients with chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

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