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J Photochem Photobiol B

Differential photosensitivity in wild-type and mutant p53 human colon carcinoma cell lines.

Year 1998
Fisher AM. Rucker N. Wong S. Gomer CJ.
Clayton Ocular Oncology Center, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Tumor sensitivity to cancer therapies may be modulated by the p53 status of the malignant cells. Generally, tumors retaining wild-type p53 are more sensitive to radiotherapy and some chemotherapeutic agents than are tumors with either a mutated or deleted p53 phenotype. The role of p53 in the responsiveness to PDT as a cancer treatment is clinically unknown. In the current study, we evaluated the photosensitivity of two human colon carcinoma cell lines, one expressing wild-type p53 protein and the other expressing mutant p53. Wild-type p53 cells were found to be significantly more sensitive to Photofrin-mediated photodynamic treatment measured by clonogenic assay. Uptake of the photosensitizer was equivalent for both cell lines. Interestingly, sensitivity of the colon carcinoma cell lines to ionizing radiation was similar. These two cell lines represent a useful model for examining p53 involvement in the cellular response to PDT-mediated oxidative stress.

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