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J Mol Med

Cell biology, clinicopathological profile, and classification of gastro-enteropancreatic endocrine tumors.

Year 1998
Rindi G. Capella C. Solcia E.
Department of Human Pathology, University of Pavia, and I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matteo, Italy.
Recent developments in the field of endocrine cell biology and pathology at both morphological and molecular levels are briefly outlined and discussed as a basis for endocrine tumor characterization. The main tools available for identifying the endocrine nature of the tumors, their pathogenetic interpretation. and experimental reproduction with special emphasis on tumor antecedents are reported. Based on this, classifications of endocrine tumors of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract are developed, covering most clinical (hyperfunctional syndromes included), pathological, and biological patterns, with special emphasis on tumor prognosis.

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