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J Immunoassay

Clinical performance of the AMDL DR-70 immunoassay kit for cancer detection.

Year 1998
Wu D. Zhou X. Yang G. Xie Y. Hu M. Wu Z. Yang G. Lu M.
Department of Clinical Laboratory, 2nd Affiliated Hospital, Hubei Medical University, Wuchang, Wuhan, China.
A clinical study using DR-70 immunoassay for the detection of 13 different cancers have been conducted with 277 healthy subjects and 136 cancer patients. The test results showed that the DR-70 immunoassay kit was capable of detecting cancers with high degree of specificity and sensitivity. At 95% specificity level, the sensitivity of the assay was 87.8%, 92.6%, 65.2% and 66.7%, respectively for lung, stomach, breast and rectum cancers. Furthermore the test kits were shown to be stable and performed reproducibly.

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