ГастроПортал Гастроэнтерологический портал России

Int J Circumpolar Health

Hypolactasia in the indigenous populations of northern Russia.

Year 1998
Kozlov AI.
ArcAn-C" Innovative Laboratory, Moscow, Russia.
The distribution of hypolactasia (PH) in the indigenous populations of the polar and related territories of the Russian Federation was investigated by an oral lactose tolerance. The frequency of hypolactasia in Kildin Saami population is 48%, Komi-Izhem-63%, Northern Mansi-71%, Northern Khanty-72%, West Siberia Nenets-78%. Generally hypolactasia frequencies in indigenous groups of Arctic and Sub-Arctic territories of Russia are higher than in the "reference" samples of Slav (Russian, 40-49%) and Permian Finn (Komi-Permiak and Udmurtian, 50-59%) groups.

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