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Hosp Pract (Off Ed)

Nausea and vomiting in the diabetic patient.

Soergel KH. Greenberger NJ.
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA.
The nausea and vomiting that can complicate advanced diabetes is often attributed to impaired gastric motility. Not all patients with diabetic gastropathy show marked abnormality on gastric emptying studies, however. The mechanism remains uncertain, although cases complicated by a bezoar may respond to its removal. Prokinetic drugs may bring a measure of relief, albeit often temporary.

Medical therapies for inflammatory bowel disease.

Year 1998
Stotland BR. Cirigliano MD. Lichtenstein GR.
Department of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA.
Inflammatory bowel disease is a spectrum of disorders whose etiology and pathogenesis are unclear. No therapy is standard; many modalities exist for management. New drugs, improved formulations of existing drugs, combination therapy and biologic agents offer more effective relief and maintain disease remission.

Chronic hepatitis C: early intervention.

Year 1998
Koff RS.
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Department of Medicine, Framingham, USA.
Chronic hepatitis C infection is the most common liver disease in the United States; it accounts for up to 12,000 deaths annually and is the most common referral for liver transplantation. Recognition of acute infection is desirable because treatment may prevent chronicity. Interferon remains the primary treatment, but new agents and combinations are being developed.

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