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[Anterior pseudodiverticulum after laryngectomy]

Year 1998
Pitzer G. Oursin C. Wolfensberger M.
HNO-Universitatsklinik, Kantonsspital Basel.
An anterior neopharyngeal pseudodiverticulum is a mucosal pouch located between the tongue and hypopharynx due to an epiglottis-like posterior tissue band that forms after total laryngectomy. This condition has rarely been mentioned in literature. Incidence, symptoms, treatment, and possible etiologic factors were examined. Twenty post-laryngectomy patients were questioned about swallowing disorders and were examined clinically and by barium swallow. Eleven patients were found to have a pseudodiverticulum, of which 9 patients suffered from dysphagia. We found no correlation between the formation of a pseudodiverticulum and radiotherapy or post-laryngectomy complications. All symptomatic patients were treated by dissecting the posterior tissue band endoscopically with a CO2-laser, bringing complete relief of symptoms in 8 of 9 patients. Our study showed that the anterior pseudodiverticulum can be a frequent cause of dysphagia after laryngectomy. It can easily be diagnosed clinically and radiologically. Endoscopic treatment with a CO2-laser is simple and effective.

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