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Hiroshima J Med Sci

Living related partial liver transplantation for primary biliary cirrhosis--a case report.

Year 1998
Asahara T. Dohi K. Sugino K. Marubayashi S. Ohdan H. Noriyuki T. Katayama K. Itamoto T. Nakanishi T. Tazuma S. Kajiyama G. Moriwaki K. Yuge O. Otani M. Okabayashi S. Yokoyama T. Shimamoto F. Itoh H. Yokoyama T.
2nd Department of Surgery, Hiroshima University School of Medicine, Japan.
An adult living related partial liver transplantation was performed on a 49 year old female with terminal hepatic failure due to primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). The donor was her 53 year-old sister. A sufficient volume of graft tissue was obtained, which comprised 1.5% of the body weight of the recipient. The recipient had an excellent recovery without any major complications, and was discharged 35 days after the operation. At 15 months after the operation, the patient has shown no signs of rejection while using FK506 and prednisolone as immunosuppressants. The progression of symptomatic PBC can be predicted, and the timing of the transplantation can be easily determined. In addition, the results of liver transplantation for PBC are good. Therefore, adult living related partial liver transplantation is an excellent treatment for primary biliary cirrhosis.

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