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Hawaii Med J

CT demonstration of a pancreatic duct stricture and obstructive pancreatitis with ERCP and intraoperative correlation.

Year 1998
Nelson JM. Baird DE. Kavolius JP.
Department of Surgery, Tripler Army Medical Center, USA.
We describe a case of a pancreatic duct stricture in a young female resulting in chronic intermittent obstructive pancreatitis, and requiring repeated hospitalizations over a ten year period. The stricture was identified by computed tomographic (CT) scan and endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography (ERCP) and noted to be in the distal pancreatic duct. The patient was treated successfully with distal pancreatectomy. This case report illustrates the utility of CT scanning and ERCP in determining the etiology of pancreatitis. When a stricture is identified, these studies give anatomic detail that aid in intra-operative decision making.

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