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Eur J Radiol

Multiple single sections Turbo FLASH MR arterial portography in the detection of hepatic neoplasms.

Year 1998
Uematsu H. Yamada H. Sadato N. Hayashi N. Yamamoto K. Yonekura Y. Ishii Y.
Department of Radiology, Fukui Medical School, Japan. uematsu@fmsrsa.fukui-med.ac.jp
OBJECTIVE: To determine the sensitivity of multiple single sections Turbo FLASH MR arterial portography (MRAP) in the detection of hepatic neoplasms. METHODS AND PATIENTS: Twelve patients with hepatic mass underwent MRAP prior to hepatic resection. Findings of MRAP were compared with surgical specimen and intra-operative ultrasonography (US). RESULTS: A total of 19 separate malignant neoplastic nodules were identified in the resected specimens or intra-operative ultrasonography. The sensitivity was 89.5% (17/19) for MRAP. MRAP depicted all neoplasms more than 1.0 cm in diameter. Two lesions not depicted on MRAP had a diameter of 5 and 9 mm, respectively. One lesion identified by MRAP was confirmed to false positive lesion by intra-operative US. CONCLUSION: Multiple single sections Turbo FLASH MRAP may be a valuable adjunct for pre-operative detection of malignant hepatic neoplasms.

Radiological evaluation of complications of intestinal tuberculosis.

Year 1998
Makanjuola D. al Orainy I. al Rashid R. Murshid K.
Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Complications of intestinal tuberculosis may be masked. This study aims to heighten awareness of these unusual clinical complications and the radiological findings in such cases. Over a period of 5 years, 21 patients with proven intestinal tuberculosis, 13 of whom presented with complications, are presented in this report. Radiological diagnosis was by barium gastrointestinal studies and computed tomographic (CT) evaluation. Surgical specimens and histopathology confirmed the diagnosis. The commonest complication was intestinal obstruction (N = 6). Others were esophagobronchial and duodenocolic fistulas (N = 2), significant gastrointestinal hemorrhage (N = 3) caused by ulcers in the small bowel and colon, and malabsorption syndrome (N = 3) caused by diffuse small bowel infiltration in 2 cases and duodenocolic fistula in the third case. None of the patients presented were immunocompromised. Though uncommon, tuberculosis should be considered in patients presenting clinically with intestinal obstruction, significant gastrointestinal hemorrhage and malabsorption state.

Ultrasound and CT findings of a cecal lymphangioma presenting with intussusception.

Year 1998
Wan YL. Lee TY. Hung CF. Ng KK.
Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Linkou, Chang Gung College of Medicine and Technology, Taiwan.
A rare case of cecal lymphangioma which presented as intussusception was reported. The patient was a 28-year-old female who suffered from vomiting, abdominal pain and mass for 6 days. Ultrasonography revealed a multilocular cyst that measured 7 cm in maximal diameter, and an adjacent target-like mass with concentric layering in the right abdomen. Computed tomography confirmed the sonographic findings with fatty component in the target-like mass. Intussusception in adults is a diagnostic challenge to a physician due to its vague and nonspecific presentations. Laparatomy is indicated because of underlying pathology in a vast majority of cases. Diagnosis can be established by the characteristic findings mentioned above.

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