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Eur J Endocrinol

Serum leptin and insulin concentrations in patients with insulinoma before and after surgery.

Popovic V. Micic D. Danjanovic S. Zoric S. Djurovic M. Obradovic S. Petakov M. Dieguez C. Casanueva FF.
Institute of Endocrinology, University Clinical Center, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Inferential studies suggest that circulating insulin concentrations positively regulate leptin secretion by adipocytes. In humans, however, insulin requires prolonged periods of time, and relatively artificial set-ups before a relationship with leptin can be observed. In the present work, serum leptin concentrations were measured in five patients with insulinoma before and one month after surgery and in five control subjects matched by sex and body mass index (BMI). The control subjects presented a mean serum leptin concentration of 6.7+/-1.5 microg/l and a BMI of 24.9+/-1.1. The mean serum leptin concentration in patients with insulinoma was 11.8+/-3.1 microg/l (P < 0.05 vs controls), with a BMI of 26.3+/-1.9. After surgery, there was a non-significant reduction in BMI (25.8+/-1.7), and a clear reduction in serum leptin concentration (5.6+/-2.4 microg/l, P < 0.05 vs pre surgical values and no difference vs control subjects). The fasting area under the curve (AUC) of insulin concentration (in mU/l per 120 min) before surgery was 14421+/-4981 and after surgery was 1306-/+171 (P < 0.05). Before surgery, serum leptin concentrations significantly correlated with BMI (r = 0.71) and AUC of insulin (r = 0.82), a correlation that was lost after surgery. In conclusion, serum leptin concentrations are significantly elevated in patients with chronically high insulin levels due to insulinoma. After surgical treatment and normalization of insulin values, leptin levels return to normal.

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