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Dtsch Tierarztl Wochenschr

[Alterations of hemostasis in liver cirrhosis of the dog]

Year 1998
Mischke R. Pohle D. Schoon HA. Fehr M. Nolte I.
Klinik fur kleine Haustiere der Tierarztlichen Hochschule Hannover.
In seven dogs with histologically proven liver cirrhosis the activity of the single coagulation factors with the exception of factor VIII:C, of the inhibitors antithrombin III and protein C as well as plasminogen and alpha 2-antiplasmin was distinctly lower than in the control group (p < 0.0001). The changes of the factors VII [median (x0.50) = 17 %] and X (x0.50 = 18 %) as well as of protein C (x0.50 = 15 %) were particularly pronounced. Diminution of activity certainly exceeded also in nearly all of the remaining haemostatic proteins the decrease of albumin concentration. Besides the shorter half life time, this reflected an increased consumption in consequence of intravascular coagulations and fibrinolysis. The latter could also be seen from the significantly increased concentrations of soluble fibrin and fibrin(ogen) degradation products. Therefore, the alterations of the haemostatic system measured in dogs in many details were in accordance with findings in human beings suffering from liver cirrhosis.

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