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Arkh Patol

[Morphological characteristics of hyperplastic and adenomatous stomach polyps]

Year 1998
Kovalenko VL. Kurenkov EL. Koksharov VN.
State Medical Academy, Chelyabinsk.
A morphological study of biopsy samples of gastric polyps from 224 patients was carried out. Four stages in gastric polyp morphogenesis were distinguished: foveolar hyperplasia, hyperplastic polyp, "two-floor" adenoma and adenoma. The correlation was established between the degree of Helicobacter pylori infection in the polyp mucous membrane on the one hand, and epithelial and stromal reactions (immuno-inflammatory reaction of stroma, chronic inflammation, formation of Russel bodies, cystes and chronic erosions) on the other. Greater content of stromal collagens, type IV collagen in case of gastric hyperplastic lesions was observed. Appearance and progression of gastric adenomatous growth in hyperplastic polyp correlates with an increase of type III collagen content, decrease of types I, IV, V collagens and fibronectin.

[Cystic fibrosis in adolescent patients]

Year 1998
Cherniaev AL. Samsonova MV. Kronina LA.
Research Institute of Pulmonology, Moscow.
Summary--An autopsy observation of mucoviscydosis in a female who died at the age of 17 with a prevalent affection of the bronchopulmonary system is reported. Pronounced cystic fibrosis with atrophy and lipomatosis of the pancreas was found. The cause of death was respiratory failure in spite of intensive antibacterial therapy. Bullous emphysema with frequent pneumothorax in adults with this disease considerably worsens the prognosis and requires urgent therapy which in this case was not conducted because of late hospitalization.

[Senile amyloidosis: from the Schwartz tetrad to the present]

Year 1998
Serov VV.
I. M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy.
Senile amyloidosis can be systemic (generalized) or local, this being determined by the protein precursor of the amyloid fibrils. Systemic cardiovascular amyloidosis should be distinguished from AL-amyloidosis. Senile amyloidosis is represented by both endocrine and nonendocrine forms. Endocrine forms include isolated auricular amyloidosis and amyloidosis of the Langerhans islands, while non-endocrine forms include aortic amyloidosis, cerebral amyloidosis, eye amyloidosis and amyloidosis of the prostate and/or seminal vesicles. Most frequent are combinations of the endocrine with aortic amyloidosis or Langerhand island amyloidosis with cerebral amyloidosis and eye amyloidosis. These data reject the Schwarts tetrad as necessary manifestation of senility.

[Summary of the work of the Pathology Service of the Moscow Health Committee in 1996]

Year 1998
Zairat'iants OV.
Moscow City Centre of Pathology Studies, City Clinical Hospital N 33.
The activity of 57 clinical pathology departments including 2 centers (Moscow city center of pathology studies and phthysiopathology center) is summarized. 31,559 autopsies and about 1.5 million biopsies were performed. Analysis of lethal outcomes shows that cardiovascular diseases are the most frequent cause of death. Tumors, GI tract diseases, respiratory diseases are at the second, third and forth place, respectively. A sharp increase of deaths from tuberculosis is observed. The number of diagnosis discrepancy is 16.5% and is stable for the last five years. The main problems of pathology service are technical insufficiency and lack of staff.

[Current aspects of acute destructive pancreatitis]

Year 1998
Boiko IuG.
Department of Pathologic Anatamy, Grodno Medical Institute, Belarus.
In acute destructive pancreatitis due to rapidly developing endotoxicosis, marked circulatory disturbances, deep disturbance of homeostasis and functional insufficiency of vital organs, urgent surgery is necessary in order to remove necrotic parts of the pancreas as the main source of heavy toxemia resulting in shock and collapse.

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