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[Acute abdomen secondary to pyonephrosis. Perinephritic abscess with fistula to peritoneal cavity]

Year 1998
Napal Lecumberri S. Hernando Alonso J. Ortega Zurro J. Gil de la Puente J. Hernando Albistegui A. Martin de Frutos T. Encinas Gaspar B.
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OBJECTIVE: To describe a case of acute abdomen arising from an underlying urological condition. METHODS/RESULTS: Herein we describe a patient with acute abdomen arising from a pyonephrotic kidney with fistulization to the peritoneal cavity. The clinical manifestations disappeared following nephrectomy by the anterior approach and drainage of the intraperitoneal cavity. CONCLUSION: Although infrequent, it should be taken into account that peritoneal abscess and/or pyonephrosis can cause acute abdomen when they fistulize to the peritoneal cavity.

[Testicular microlithiasis: diagnosis associated with orchialgia]

Year 1998
Jara Rascon J. Escribano Patino G. Herranz Amo F. Moncada Iribarren I. Hernandez Fernandez C.
Servicio de Urologia, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon, Madrid, Espana.
OBJECTIVES: To analyze the possible association between orchidalgia and testicular microlithiasis and to determine if this condition has a negative effect on fertility. METHODS: Two male patients with similar findings of microlithiasis on the testicular ultrasound were studied. One patient had a history of thalassemia and the other patient had intermittent episodes of testicular torsion. A histological study was performed in both patients. RESULTS: The testicular pain remitted spontaneously in the first case and after orchidopexy in the other patient. Biopsy disclosed a diminished spermatogenesis and no anomaly, respectively. CONCLUSION: Our findings and the reports published in the literature indicate that testicular microlithiasis cannot be considered to be an etiological factor in orchidalgia or infertility.

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