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Estimated persistence of anti-HAV antibodies after single dose and booster hepatitis A vaccination (0-6 schedule).

Year 1998
Wiedermann G. Kundi M. Ambrosch F.
Institute of Specific Prophylaxis and Tropical Medicine, University of Vienna, Austria.
The persistence of antibodies after a single dose and booster vaccination against hepatitis A (Havrix 1440) has not yet been assessed. By reanalysing previously published data of serum titres and application of a two-component model, we estimated the duration of protection. In 134 vaccinees, aged 20-39 years, the GMT 1 month after booster was 3629 mlU/ml, which would result in an estimated duration of protection of 34.5 years and in 66 vaccinees aged 40-62 years a GMT of 2320 mlU/ml was calculated, resulting in a duration of protection of 31.5 years. Even when taking the minimum observed titres in the older age group into account, the duration of protection will be more than 10 years. Considering at the same time, its good tolerability and compliance, the single dose hepatitis A vaccination appears highly recommendable in travel medicine.

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